3dem: Are We There Yet?

In case you came in late this tutorial starts here

3dem provides the useful service of translating our .tif file to a .dem file.  You simply select File>Load Terrain Model choose GeoTiff DEM and select your file.  If you can’t find your file check the folder with Explorer.  You probably didn’t give it the requisite .tif extension.

a 3dem rendering of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill from 1/9" DEM. The little blip at the north end of the hill is Coit Tower.

Once your file opens you will see a beautiful color 3d topo of your data.  If this image looks cool your data will probably make a good model.  If this image is boring you might want to pick another location.

Next click File>Save as USGS ASCII DEM and you are ready for AccuTrans3d.

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2 Responses to 3dem: Are We There Yet?

  1. Jordan Marton says:

    Hi, I am working on this step, but when I load into 3DEM I get an error that says “Incorrect Corner Coordinates” and then it doesn’t load… Any thoughts?

  2. shapespeare says:

    I’ve gotten that a couple of times, but I haven’t worked out the exact cause and solution. Here are some ideas: When you load the DEM data into QGIS make sure you have the metadata files in the same folder as the main DEM data file. You can also try downloading the data in a different format. The National Map, and a lot of other sources, will supply the data as ArcGrid, GridFloat, or IMG files. They should all work the same with QGIS, but if one of these doesn’t work then try another.

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